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Gospel Reality T.V.

Bible Talk, Keep It Real


Storem & Sun Entertainment Presents:
The 1st Gospel "Reality" T.V. Show

Bible Talk, Keep It Real

The show makes you cry, smile, shout, rap and sing. That’s right…the major networks need to jump on this show quick. Why? Because it’s different and it’s a show for everyone! Yeah, believe me it’s a must see show.

The Show gives you Gospel Videos, Interviews, Holy Hip Hop, The Word, Gospel Singing and…THE REALITY SKITS and STUNTS!!! Look, I can only give you just a little bit of it. You got to check it out 4 YOURSELF!

Written, Directed and Produced by:
Sharon “Ladee Storem” Acres



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The Trumpet Awards
Red Carpet 2010


The Trumpet Awards
Red Carpet 2011


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